our reports

Our team provides reports which address:

  • Past, present and future nursing/personal care
  • Resettlement and rehabilitation
  • Liability issues in the areas of nursing and health
  • Physiotherapy
  • Speech and language therapy
  • Case management needs
  • Judicial reviews of care and specialist equipment

medico legal services

Unlike many expert witness organisations, we offer fixed fee nursing liability screening reports which are advisory in nature and Part 35 compliant. Our experience is that requests for such reports are burgeoning as they assist in identifying areas of liability and determining whether there is a case to answer.

We are also able to advise solicitors on care related matters on the telephone if required - and can provide information regarding the cost of care in extended letter format if needed. We also carry out retrospective funding assessments. We can also produce reports at short notice, AMG Consultancy Services prides itself on providing the best service to clients.