case management & professional reablement

AMG case managers know that each client and their situation is unique and that’s why we provide a service which is designed specifically to meet the needs of individual clients and their families.

We work with clients to help improve their quality of life following a serious injury. We are involved in co-ordinating rehabilitation programmes for clients who require intensive support and assistance.

Our case managers have a diverse range of skills, backgrounds and knowledge. They have the experience of working with adults and children who have suffered brain and/or spinal injuries.

We offer a complete service to clients and their families and we are used to working in complex family situations. Our case managers provide a complete service from assessment – right through to ongoing long term case management.

We feel that care management, supervised by the case manager, is appropriate in some cases to monitor day-to-day situations and gauge levels of support.

Our case managers receive regular training and go on seminars and courses to ensure they are fully up to date with working practices.

How we work…

Our case managers work with families, solicitors, receivers, trustees and other professionals to offer a comprehensive case management and reablement service. The duties of our case management include:

  • The initial provision of comprehensive case management reports for medico-legal purposes.
  • Continuous case management pre- and post-settlement.
  • Direct recruitment of carers, support workers and rehabilitation assistants.
  • Liaison with care agencies and continued monitoring of agency input.
  • Ongoing review of care packages.
  • Ensuring that each client is matched with the appropriate case manager.